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Newbiggin by the Sea Bay Project

Newbiggin by the Sea Bay Project Update

Newbiggin by the Sea Bay Project

AIM: To deliver a Harbour/Marina in Newbiggin by the Sea making Newbiggin by the Sea the Leisure Vessel Capital of the North East of England.

Phase 1

S. Atkins, Global Civil Engineers were commissioned to provide a feasibility study setting out five options. The Newbiggin Development Trust agreed to support a variation of option 4 that is known as option 6.

The Marine Management Organisation and Newbiggin by the Sea Town Council provided finance for the feasibility study.

The plan delivers up to 3 hectares of sheltered water at the South end of the bay that can accommodate up to 300 leisure vessels. The location provides discrete, secure and independent access and offers adjacent land area for further developments.

Unlike the North end of the bay there are no known records of coal extraction beneath the proposed area of the Harbour Marina.

Potential threats to the site have been avoided with the involvement of Natural England who concluded that they would wish to be involved with the Full Design Study.

Phase 2

Requires the appointment Consultant Civil Engineers to produce a full design study that will include:

Bathymetric survey

Numerical modelling

Environmental Impact Assessment

Planning permission.

Budget cost for the completed structure.

Evidence of public support.

Funding for the Full Design Study: Northumberland County Council and Advance Northumberland (formerly ARCH) can access funding from Government initiatives including the North of Tyne Combined Authority, The Borders Growth Fund, The Local Enterprise Partnership and European Funds (ERDF).

Phase 3

On completion of the design study Newbiggin by the Sea will have a ‘Shovel Ready’ project designed for the 21st Century that will be a national asset.

The finance required to build and equip the agreed structure will involve some, or possibly all, of the following bodies:

Local Enterprise Partnership

Borders Growth Fund

European Regional Development Fund

North of Tyne Combined Authority

Advance Northumberland

Northumberland County Council

The Big Lottery

Sport England


It is anticipated that the funders will agree a suitably qualified team of Directors to oversee the building of the project and the control of the budget and activities of the completed project.



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