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Newbiggin Bay and Marina Project

Newbiggin Bay Marina Proposal

Newbiggin Bay Marina Proposal questions answered.

There are some genuine enquiries and some ill-informed claims regarding the proposed Marina.

There is a claim that we will lose our beach!    NOT TRUE.

The existing beach will remain as it is for over a length of more than 1,000. Metres (2/3 mile) from the Church Point southwards.

Newbiggin by the Sea has made significant progress since the beach was replaced and it will remain as our number one asset.

Why is the proposed Marina not at the East end of the bay?

There are many reasons:

At low tide the sea is a long way out at the East end. At the West end of the bay the difference between the high and low water marks is usually about no more than 20 metres.

Unlike the East end of the bay, there is no evidence of coal extraction beneath the proposed site at the West end. This obviates the potential for subsidence of the proposed structure. A significant factor.

Major infrastructure works at the East end of the bay, taking place over the period April to October, would have a severe impact on the normal business activities in the busiest period of the year and would temporarily require the Church Point Car Park for cabins, machinery and materials storage.

The proposal at the West end includes independent access to the Marina site to satisfy planning and security. Furthermore, there is capacity for inward investment with adjacent land. There is no development land available at the East end.

Environmental requirements

For environmental reasons any proposed structure must avoid the rock outcrops to protect the kelp beds and the marine life. The proposed location meets this requirement and it will hopefully provide some protection to Spital Point (Needles Eye) promontory which is under threat from erosion.

Why have a Marina?

Unfortunately. our community of Newbiggin by the Sea has the worst classification for “deprivation”. We must address this deficit and provide a robust economy for the future. Our community is almost devoid of industrial and commercial activity.

Marinas attract substantial levels of economic activity which in turn provides jobs and disposable income. It is time we had some of that.

The former Alcan site is slowly being developed. This site has good potential for investors and the investors will be more impressed if we can offer a Marina to our other assets such as the Golf Course, the Beach and the Sports Centre. Add this to the fact that we have immediate access to the magnificent and historic countryside of Northumberland and we are in a prime position to enjoy the prosperity that we are currently denied.

We need a facility that people of all incomes can enjoy.

Appearance and image

A structure located at the West end of the bay would not obstruct the view from the promenade over the open sea and the Church Point. Sea going activity would be a big attraction. Sailing boats coming and going from the West end would be quite a spectacle.

Finance – who pays?

Over the last ten years the Government has introduced grant funding bodies to stimulate investment in the North East: The Borders Growth Fund, The Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the new North of Tyne Combined Authority. These bodies can make substantial financial contributions to agreed infrastructure projects.

If the people in our community support this project, it can go ahead, and the residents of Newbiggin by the Sea will benefit from investment measured in £millions.

To access that funding we need a project that will stimulate the economy and provide a catalyst for prosperity. This project will do that.

This project has already raised the profile of Newbiggin by the Sea in the most positive way.

Alan Thompson

August 2019 Newbiggin


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