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Environmental Gem

Environmental pursuits in Newbiggin by the Sea

Environmental pursuits in Newbiggin by the Sea make it into an environmental ‘gem’.

Bird Watching

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Northumbria University environmentalists, claim that up to 276 species of birds can be seen in and around Newbiggin by the Sea over the course of a year. They say that is more than anywhere else in the country. Many of the species are on a migratory path as they respond to the changing seasons. This gift of the natural environment brings bird watchers from across the country and overseas visitors.

The Dolphin Watch.

Our own Dolphin Watch group led by Ivor Clark has evidence of a ‘pod’ of Dolphins making their base just off our shores, apparently baby Dolphins are being born in our waters. This is another gift from the natural world that makes a positive contribution to the reputation of our community and our quality of life.

The Park Run.

On New Year’s day 476 runners participated in the Saturday morning Parkrun; a remarkable turnout. On the following Saturday over 200 took part. Also, on New years day we had a New Year’s Day Dip and hundreds turned out to watch the spectacle of all those hardy souls who took part. A monthly dip is now being organised.

The Coastal Route.

There is now a ‘Coastal Route’ in place across the United Kingdom. Part of the route includes the promenade and up past the Golf Club and on to the Power Station. This route becomes more popular each year and we can expect walkers from the North and the South who can refresh themselves in Newbiggin by the Sea.

The Town Traders.

Each year our Traders organise events which attract many people, weather permitting. Further events are organised by the Maritime Centre. All these activities and events make our community ever more attractive.

Steel by the Sea.

Our Grace Darling Academy has introduced hundreds of pupils to music over the last six years. We have an excellent steel band called ‘Steel by the Sea’. This exceptional Band is available to perform at public events and has performed on the Quay Wall many times. We are grateful to the Co-op, grant funders and individuals who have made financial contributions to support this important cultural contribution.


The Newbiggin by the Sea Community and Traders constantly strive to maintain the highest standards and friendliest welcome for our visitors and residents.


Alan Thompson