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Covid 19 in Newbiggin by the Sea

A Better Future after Covid 19


As we emerge

from the dreadful consequences of the Covid 19 virus we can look back with a sigh of relief. When we contemplate the quality of our lives during that period, we can only be pleased and grateful that we live in a nation that has faced the plague head on.

Our Health service

and other institutions have endured and survived the intensity and implications of Covid 19. The impact has affected us as individuals, as families and as communities. No one has been exempted.

After a fitful start twelve months ago, we are now in a much better position than most. This week the dark days of winter give way to the prospect of Springtime and expectation for better times.

 The whole nation

can be proud of the fightback. Our gratitude is due to our scientists, engineers, hospital staff and those managing and working in our businesses. They have all been on the front line in the battle to overcome the war with Covid 19.

In the North East

new and increased investment in our economy is in hand. The opportunity to shoulder our share of the economic recovery and deliver much needed prosperity to our people is within our grasp.

The Government

has made four announcements this year that are economically transformational for Northumberland in general and for South East Northumberland in particular:

The BRITISHVOLT car battery plant in Cambois.

The accelerated dualling of the A1 to Scotland.

The rail link from Ashington to Tyneside.

The installation of high-speed broadband across the County

With this good news

we have the opportunity to live in a significantly more prosperous society

A society that offers

an improved quality of life for all and an end to the Brain Drain that has taken so much talent from the North East in the past.

Alan Thompson 21.03.2021


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