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British Volt andNewbiggin by the Sea Bay Project

British Volt and the Newbiggin by the Sea Bay Project

Making way for the future of Newbiggin by the Sea.

British Volt is the catalyst for bringing further Inward investment on a huge scale along with the expansion of the New Nissan Plant

If the forecast, 3,000 employees are paid just Industry average wages then that would put many Millions of Pounds into the local economy.

These Millions would be a major boost and the catalyst for much more investment.

The satellite businesses required to service Britishvolt and the Nissan expansion could create a forecasted number of up to 8,000 jobs which could more than treble the investment in our local economy.

SouthEast Northumberland can anticipate in excess of £270Million. Are we ready for it?

The population will increase, the demand for a wide range of domestic accommodation will require the availability of land and associated infrastructure.

The employees and their families will need facilities for education, sport, and recreation. The employers will be looking for local people with the skills needed to assure the efficiency of their operation in an increasingly competitive world.

Newbiggin by the Sea and the former area known as Wansbeck should be the principal beneficiaries of this great opportunity.

From the time when Britishvolt and Nissan begin to function, the levels of disposable income will increase rapidly.

That disposable income will make the area, formerly known as Wansbeck, very prosperous if the quality of life is attractive. It would be a lost opportunity if the people employed, resulting from this new investment, were traveling in and out of the area each day. It would also be a negative for the carbon reduction policies that are being pursued.

We live just to the South of the magnificent rural Northumberland with an enviable coastline.

We also have a rich heritage and a population used to earning a living and contributing to society. We need to be sure that the plan for the opportunity is adequate.

Alan Thompson


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